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The curse of the day job

Earlier in June I went back out to Pennsylvania to attend the next residency at Seton Hill for my Masters in Writing Popular Fiction. Now a few weeks later and I am seriously struggling to get back into the grove t my day job. My apathy to the plight of customers has reached an all time low. All I want to do is write and and hang out with my new friends from SHU and brainstorm ideas. But at the same time, my day job takes up so much time and effort that I am exhausted by the time I get home and just want to play with my kids, put them to bed, and fall asleep.

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Seton Hill Writing Popular Fiction

I have been absent from many outlets on the Internet for some time now. Part of this was due to the birth of a child and some of it was because I was doing NaNoWriMo in November. After that I just needed a break before starting school at Seton Hill. This is my first residency for the program and I have learned so much. Not the least of which is that I suck at writing and that any who has read my one novel so far is a liar. That said. I just have more to learn and benefit from this program over the next few years. Probably won’t post much on here because of how much writing I will be doing for the program but I will try to post experiences with the program should some prospective student stumble across this.

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NaNoWriMo 2011

I have mostly decided that I will be doing National Novel Writing Month this November.  It will be my 3rd time so here’s hoping.  I already know that there will be difficulties as our second child will be born in November.  Now for a story….

Becoming a Griffin

No, this isn’t the title to another unfinished project.  My wife often reminds me of the many unfinished manuscripts I have on my plate.
I have the honor of being accepted to Seton Hill University in the Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular Fiction.  I start in January.  I am excited for the experience this will give me in my young writing career.

First thoughts

I am a little nervous about starting a blog for my progress as a writer.  I have a personal blog out in the abyss about my family.  However, as I am trying to grow my career as an author, I realize that it would probably be good to start with a few self advertising venues.

Welcome to my blog about the various ideas I have colliding in my head.  I want to be able to discuss ideas and projects but realize that I often will not be able to post details as that could hinder the ability to be published later on.  I hope you enjoy my little, relatively harmless, bit of self promotion.

Take a look around.  I will be adding more links and content to old work and ideas.  I have a page at Goodreads and Facebook so I hope you’ll follow along and offer support.