#SHURES June 2013 Residency for Writing Popular Fiction – Day 3

I never sleep very well when I come to residency.  However, exercising for the last few months and especially every morning of the residency has helped….. a little.

Here’s what happened on Day 3 of the residency.

  • My short story piece is up in the workshops

The good news is that they all felt exactly the right way about the main character.  They hated him and didn’t feel bad for him when he dies in the end.  That’s awesome for me as it was written for the horror module of last semester.

  • Lunch with critique partners

My two critique partners are guys I already know.  We all came into the program at the same time and have worked together enough to know how we work and what we can expect.

  • Afternoon module “Perk up that Plot”

This was a very popular module.  We were in one of the larger room because of how many people signed up for it.  First, it is comforting to see how many people suffer from the same problems I do in my writing.  So I really feel like I belong.  It was a three hour module so I’m not going to post even a fraction of everything that was taught.  But I am taking away a lot of helpful information and exercises to keeping my plot going and how to get myself out of a stuck part.

  • Thesis presentations this evening

All I can say is that each graduating classes impresses me more and more with their creativity and proficiency in the craft.  I hope that next June, when I graduate, that I won’t ruin the tradition and standard.

  • My first public book signing :0

Every June, the Alumni of the program hold a writing conference during the day and have a book signing on one of the nights.  They’ve been nice enough to open it to those of us in the program that have books out.  I sold a few copies of my Non-fiction work and the novel that was published in 2009.    Overall, a fun night.  Thanks to all that attended and thanks to my wife for supporting me in this endeavor.

Day 4 Saturday

Morning workshops and Teaching Modules

Guest Speakers in the Afternoon and Evening where I get to have my query letter critiqued by the quest speaker.

Day 5 Sunday -Final day

Final Module

Final Workshops

Graduation Ceremony

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