Day 6 -January WPF residency

Yesterday started off with another workshop session. It was a smaller group so we all had more time to give feedback to the authors. It was my favorite session because it was led by my mentor, Scott A Johnson. After lunch we didn’t have any modules. Instead we had Kevin Hearne as the guest speaker. He’s the author of the Iron Druid Chronicles. I listened to the audiobook of the first in the series before coming out here and loved it. The series is about a 2000 year old celtic druid living in Arizona and appearing to only be in his 20s. He’s tried avoiding old enemies and gods but has finally given up on trying to run and hide and decides to face the opposition. For the urban fantasy type it is a breath of fresh air because it’s not about werewolves or vampires. But they are in it. They just aren’t the focus. There’s some off color humor that always makes it fun. Mr. Hearne spoke a lot about the craft and business of writing in the first session and then the rise and fall and rise again of epic fantasy in the evening session. I can’t believe I only have one last day of classes and workshops left of the residency. So this breakfast feels like a last meal in some ways. Especially as the module this morning will be by Scott.


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