Working Summary for Guardians

Updated: Jan 2013

Synopsis: Guardians
Darkness is growing. The demon lords have new weapons in their arsenal. No longer are they limited to tempting and deceiving mankind into darkness. The Nephalim can now physically harm mortals.
The Malachim, the guardians of mankind, face war and crisis from every front. For centuries, the Malachim and Nephalim fought for the protection or destruction of mankind.   As the Malachim warriors ward off onslaughts from the demon lords upon their own ranks, they must also face the reality of demon attacks upon their mortal charges.

Isaac and his twin sister Rachel, have lived seventeen years unaware of their warrior guardians Malchediel and Adina. As evidence of their growing power, the Nephalim advance on Isaac.   In desperation, the Malachim accept the changing terms of the war and instruct Isaac with secrets that gives him the power to control Malachim and Nephalim.

But can Isaac resist the temptation to use the power solely for himself and Rachel?

Status: First Draft

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